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Capaz helps B2B tech companies to grow revenue, save time and money with strategic digital marketing


Capaz offers growth companies solutions to developing their digital sales and marketing focusing on the strategic work.

Growing need for strategic skills

Today’s B2B companies are increasingly creating in-house teams to plan, create and manage marketing activities instead of hiring external marketing agencies. There are several reasons to the shift from agency to in-house. Lower costs, faster turnaround, concerns about transparency, and a desire to control one's own data have all driven activity in-house. Moreover, companies themselves are the best to create high-quality content that is crucial for succeeding in today’s marketplace. Therefore, companies need more than ever guidance on strategic level rather than marketing production externalised to marketing agencies. For these reasons Capaz aims at giving the skills to companies through e-learning and agile way of consulting meaning service packages with set price, clear outcome and fast project delivery times.

Importance of digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing needs iterative planning and execution based on continuous improvement. Strategic plan creates the foundation for this cycle. It aligns digital marketing with business objectives, bridges the gap between sales and marketing, shortens the sales cycle, creates more quality leads and increases customer lifetime value. Therefore companies need to give digital marketing strategic importance. Strategy is also a management tool that provides focus and direction for the company. If a company wants to gain traction, it needs to focus on entity and long-term instead of wasting time and money in single actions, campaigns or ads and fast-gains. Also, in B2B where the products and services often require deeper technical understanding, the companies are the best themselves to tell about their offering.

About Capaz

Capaz Enterprise started at the end of 2017 and is founded by Heta Seikkula and Riikka Soivio with backgrounds in international sales, digital marketing and business development.

Founders sincere wish to help companies everywhere to succeed. They want to make social impact by providing skills to businesses also in emerging economies where the entrepreneurship is on the rise. There is a need for support in developing agile business operations, such as digital sales and marketing, which enable improved productivity and cut of expenses.

There are two main aspects that differentiate Capaz from others; first, Capaz is a strategic partner, not a production agency. Second, customer focus. Focusing solely to B2B tech companies, Capaz is able to respond specific customer needs, which allows to take into consideration tech companies peculiarities in sales and marketing. Also, set service fees and short project delivery times are enabled by proved and standardized processes. Customers benefit from all this by being able to build up and execute a digital strategy fast to speed up their growth.


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